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Josie the cat!

Josie Journal

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Josie's Journal

May 19, 2006
-Played by herself
-Went on desk and looked outside
-Jumped up on the television
-Ate food, drank water
-Cuddled on favorite pink pillow and slept

May 20, 2006
-Early morning, woke up
-Went on television and slept on the directv receiver
-Ran outside and sat on her favorite mat near the front door
-Chased after her tail
-Chased after Duffy (her friend)

May 21, 2006
Jumped on lap of Trish
-Jumped off and ate food
-Kicked the door
-Looked out window

May 22, 2006
-Kicked the door
-Chased after Duffy
-Chased after own tail
-Jumped on top of bed